The RPM Action Plan is your roadmap to performance improvement. Following your performance assessment, this plan is uniquely tailored to every athlete - balancing our five pillars of performance to your individual needs. 


Unlike most fitness plans, the RPM Action Plan is never static or stalled. While your goals may not change day-to-day, your approach will, growing with you rather than staying the same.


Delivered through Trainerize, an, interactive, industry-leading coaching tool and the Team RPM app (coming October 2020) – your action plan is guided by both your own drive and the guidance of your dedicated Integrated Performance Coach. 


Rather than adapting or updating only when you book or complete a session, the RPM Action plan manages your development and adapts daily as you progress toward your goals. 


The RPM Action Plan is included in the Ignition Phase of all memberships and 1-1 training.