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We are extremely proud to have our very own Mental Performance Coach and Sports Nutrition Expert at RPM. These services are invaluable to any athlete who is serious about taking their performance to an elite level and balancing school, work, family and social aspects of life with a rigorous training schedule. Be Your Best, Inside and Out! 


Mental performance is an emergent force within sports aimed to help athletes on the mental aspects of sport. What we’ve come to realize is that the mind and body are intimately connected and to maximize our athletic potential, we need to address both. Whether it’s working to overcome obstacles, recover from injuries, deal with the pressures of competition, manage stress and anxiety, clarifying goals, getting the most out of every practice, and/or staying connected to our motivation - mental performance coaching will help maximize the benefit of the efforts you put in the gym to ensure that you’re equally mentally and physically prepared to perform at your best when you need to.

Want to learn more? Book your first appointment with Landon to develop tools to improve your performance on and off the field of play, and increase your enjoyment of sports and everyday activities.

Landon works with athletes in a specialized capacity as our Mental Performance Coach. Currently, Landon works with a variety of collegiate teams and athletes at Springfield College, including working in the Sport Injury Rehabilitation Clinic (SIRC) where athletes receive one-of-a-kind rehabilitation care from a collaboration of athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and athletic counselors.

Landon has years of experience working with youth and young adults as a counselor, coach, and mentor. This includes personal development coaching for young adults, new student mentor at WhiteWater MMA, and five years experience working in hospital, residential, and school settings with youth in a counseling and managerial capacity. He received his bachelor's degree from Lesley University in liberal studies with a specialization in holistic psychology.


We are excited to share a new partnership with Julie Nicoletti of Kinetic Fuel. Julie Nicoletti is a nationally recognized sports nutritionist who specializes in coaching student, adult and professional athletes to achieve their highest potential—both on and off the field.

Julie provides one on one, personalized nutritional education and counseling to athletes, enabling them to optimize peak athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Julie is the sports nutritionist for the Boston Bruins, the Boston Cannons, the Rabil Experience, Hayden Synchronized Skating and the New England Ruffnecks. She facilitates Kinetic Fuel workshops for coaches, teams, players and their families on the importance of performance based nutrition. She also consults to professional and elite travel sports teams, specialized camps and works closely with several NCAA Collegiate athletic programs around the country.

Contact RPM and learn how our top athletes continue to stay on top in competition, at school, work and in life!