Aidan COllins

certified personal trainer

As both a competitive Olympic weightlifter and now as a trainer, Aidan Collins has always been interested in deriving peak performance from the human body. A Certified Personal Trainer (National Strength and Conditioning Association), USA Weightlifting certified coach and a nationally certified EMT, Aidan is a dedicated trainer committed to helping clients maximize performance regardless of where they are on the training spectrum. He has trained under elite Russian Olympic weightlifters and has won New England and regional Olympic weightlifting championships in his age and weight group. He applies his own experiences as a multi-sport athlete -- including ice hockey, lacrosse, track and field, and rugby -- to his training of clients. Most recently, Aidan has been working with high school and college athletes who seek to enhance their strength, speed, explosion and agility. Always interested in the most current and reliable research into athletic training and performance, and recognizing the time demands already faced by his busy clients, Aidan puts a premium on efficiency, helping clients realize gains and achieve goals by using their time wisely and strategically. 

FUN FACT: Aidan plays jazz guitar and bass, and is a sculptural artist.


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