Landon Dumar

Director of MIND & Integration


Landon DuMar is the Director of Integration at RPM Athlete Performance and an expert in mental health, wellness, and performance. He holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Springfield College, as well certifications in mindfulness and performance from the both the Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego and the MSPE Institute.

Landon’s philosophy is as grounded as his clients are successful in their crafts:

“We’re all on our own journey. Thus, I don’t have all the answers, I merely provide support to athletes to find their own way. Performing our best is a continual process of balancing achievement and satisfaction… this starts with building self-awareness. Our best life can only be lived through knowing the type of player or person we want to be, then taking intentional steps toward that in every moment.”


Landon’s work is influenced by how mindfulness and mental skills training have influenced his mixed martial arts (MMA) training over the last ten years.


Landon has worked with teams, athletes, coaches, and parents in over a dozen different sports

In his role, Landon is responsible for ensuring all RPM programs and training are fully integrated with our 5-Pillar system, while co-leading RPM ESports. 

With RPM Esports, Landon has created the worlds first Integrated Performance Training program to help gamers learn to live and play to their fullest potential.