AN APPROACH As Unique as its creator

With roots in wellness and elite lacrosse, RPM Athlete Performance was born. 

RPM Athlete Performance Founder Malcolm Chase earned his path to professional lacrosse the only way he knows - holistically, patiently, and methodically. 

He focused on his skills, his body, his mind, recovering after hard workouts or games and learning to cope with adversity along the way. These five principles would become the pillars of performance pioneered by RPM Athlete Performance.

Lacrosse would take Chase from rural Maine, to Los Angeles, Hawaii, Lake Placid and back again. Earning college accolades and elite tournament wins along the way, Chase cemented his status as someone notoriously dedicated to his craft.

In it's infancy at the time of Chase's youth, professional lacrosse was not what it is in 2020. Nevertheless, for the love of the game and love of performance - Chase followed his talent to the LXM Pro Tour in 2011-2012 and became Major League Lacrosse's "oldest," full-season rookie at the age of 35. 

Having competed and earned the respect of peers and pioneers of the modern game - Chase developed RPM Athlete Performance understanding "If you have a heartbeat, you're an athlete." Our leadership, professional coaches and staff share that belief in everything we do. 

With the passion of our membership and staff, RPM has grown from a small, open-concept gym to a fully-integrated training, performance and education center outside Boston, MA. 


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