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RPM Athlete Performance's roots are in elite Lacrosse - with CEO Malcolm Chase having reached the pinnacle of the professional lacrosse in both the box and field games.

Malcolm Chase, Kyle Danehy, Steve Gervasio- their collective expertise and networks lead lacrosse players through customized Action Plans and Integrated Performance Training (IPT) meant to create well-rounded, college-ready players or professionals.


Director of RPM Golf, David Piken uses industry-leading technology by K-Motion for advanced swing analysis.


Whether overcoming old habits, recovering from an injury, or simply changing the feel or form of your swing and performance - the advanced analytics and reporting provided by RPM Golf, K-Motion and David Piken will lead to new insights for serious golfers. 

RPM Golf is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings by appointment only. 



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RPM Basketball is the FIRST holistic and ​fully-integrated training program designed specifically for the uniqueness of the court. 

Within the Integrated Performance Training system, RPM Basketball utilizes the best of RPM's Directors, Coaches, and sport-specific experts to deliver training and discipline spanning the mind, body, skill, nutrition and recovery of any basketball player. 

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