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MON - THURS:  3 - 9pm
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Whatever your goals, RPM can connect you with the trainer or class that will help you achieve those goals. We strongly recommend you begin with a 1-on-1 session to help you gain that edge, and to enjoy more of what you do every single day - in the gym and in life!

Starting your fitness training with us is easy. Simply find the trainer and/or programs(s) that interest you, either on our COACHES or CLASSES page or by downloading the RPM app (Apple users) or on Google Play (for Android).

1-on-1 Student Athlete
Performance Training

RPM trainers have playing/coaching experience at the professional and NCAA Division I levels, and are constantly learning the most advanced training modalities so our athletes stay on the cutting edge of science and performance. Performance Training Programs Include:

  • Goal Setting

  • Assessment - Body Composition, FMS, Performance related testing 

  • Program Design, Ongoing

  • Nutritional Consultation and Optional Meal Planning

  • Mental Performance Consultation and Optional MPC Training

Train like a professional athlete!

1-on-1 Adult Personal Training

We have a team of qualified trainers ready to work with you. During your first
1-on-1 training session you and your trainer will set goals and determine why, how and when you will achieve those goals together. A Functional Movement Screen will be a part of your assessment so your trainer can give you exercises to do prior to each session, as well as on your own, to help you move and feel better. From there, the sky's the limit!

We track all of our sessions and give you online access to notes, programs and results to help you stay connected with our team.

Stop spinning your wheels and start getting results today!

Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance is an emergent force within sports aimed to help athletes on the mental aspects of sport. What we’ve come to realize is that the mind and body are intimately connected and to maximize our athletic potential, we need to address both. Whether it’s working to overcome obstacles, recover from injuries, deal with the pressures of competition, manage stress and anxiety, clarifying goals, getting the most out of every practice, and/or staying connected to our motivation - mental performance coaching will help maximize the benefit of the efforts you put in the gym to ensure that you’re equally mentally and physically prepared to perform at your best when you need to.

Want to learn more? Book your first appointment with our Mental Performance Coach, Landon DuMar to develop tools to improve your performance on and off the field of play, and increase your enjoyment of sports and everyday activities. Appointments available for both individuals and student athletes. 

Nutrition Coaching

RPM Nutrition Coaching is an individualized and goal-oriented approach to get you to your goals and sustain them long term through hard work and guidance from our Registered Dietitian, Sarah Gilbert. By working with Sarah, you will reach your goals so you can look and feel they way you've always wanted.  Think of her as your food coach!

Book your first appointment with Registered Dietitian, Sarah Gilbert. Appointments available for both individuals and student athletes. Services offered: 

  • 60 Minute client consultation

  • Body measurements (skin calipers & measurements)

  • Personalized nutrition plans

  • Meal plans (up to a week's worth of meals)

  • Food shopping buddy

  • Cabinet clean-out 

  • Support via email and texting