• Kevin Jordan

Personal All-Time Favorite?!? The Ice-Pick Check.

In a time long, long ago... RPM CEO and Founder Malcolm Chase knew how to do one thing better than anything else - being an absolute savage of a defender and LSM.

Having personally been matched up against Malcolm in very-forgettable club game in 2014, I can attest to the man's ability to instantly build an estate inside someone's head and live there for the next two-three hours of a game. Allllll the while somehow making new friends on the other side of the field, In other words, the best type of competitor.

Moves like the one above are why many consider Malcolm to be one of the best defensive coaches in the world.

In this clip, dating back to 2011, Malcolm demonstrates one of my all-time favorites and a check I'm thankfully to tall for him to throw on me - the Ice Pick Check.

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