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Updated: May 11, 2020

Exclusive, holistic virtual training program to provide elite-level athlete development.

RPM Athlete Performance, a premier integrated athlete performance company with roots in professional lacrosse today announced opening applications for the inaugural class of Project Shadow. The company, which stresses the importance of a dedicated and holistic approach to performance – has opened applications for a first flight of athletes to join an exclusive, six-week, virtual training program spanning five areas of human performance – Mind, Body, Skill, Nutrition & Recovery.

What is Project Shadow?

RPM’s Project Shadow represents the most holistic approach to advanced integrated performance training and online athlete development available today.

Athletes accepted to Project Shadow will be challenged in unique and different ways than ever before. They will learn how to optimize their own training and performance while experiencing the depth of connection between mind, body, skill, nutrition, and recovery.

Athletes will explore their training and performance holistically through experiential and in-class practices. Project Shadow provides the opportunity to learn in communion with other like-minded athletes. Groups will be guided and supported towards increased self-reliance over the course of the six weeks.

“Amid an unprecedented global pandemic and widespread season cancellations, athletes are being bombarded with ways to train themselves. They’re losing structure they need because there are so many people around them telling them what to do. Project Shadow is a solution to that dilemma,” explains Landon Dumar, director of integration with RPM Athlete Performance “We want our athletes to truly understand what works best for them and allow them to leverage all the resources a modern athlete needs. Project Shadow provides a space for athletes to understand themselves and reach their true potential.”

Who Should Apply?

RPM’s Project Shadow was developed with athletes of all kinds in mind – regardless of gender, age, skill, and sport – with programming tailored to challenge each specific flight of accepted athletes.

“If you’re dedicated and working to reach a new level of athletic performance, you should apply.” said Malcolm Chase, founder and CEO of RPM Athlete Performance. “We don’t care if you’re a pro, a gold medalist, an NCAA athlete, a weekend warrior, or just trying to make your high school JV team. We are looking for athletes who are open-minded, motivated and dedicated enough to challenge themselves more holistically than they ever have before. That’s what Project Shadow is all about.”

RPM Athlete Performance encourages athletes of all ages and skills (from youth to adult - amateur to professional) interested in integrated performance and dedicated to growth and improvement to apply.

Applications are now open at

About RPM Athlete Performance:

RPM Athlete Performance is an elite athlete development company and integrated performance training center outside Boston,MA. Pioneering the approach of Integrated Performance Training. Focusing on five Pillars of Performance – Mind, Body, Skill, Nutrition and Recovery, the company is dedicated to developing the next generation of athletes with a complete understanding of how to reach their goals and perform their best as athletes, teammates and individuals.


Kevin Jordan

Creative Director, RPM Athlete Performance


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