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WAYBACK WEDNESDAY! M.C. in Corvallis, Oregon, 2012

Just before making his professional debut with the LXM Pro Tour, on the same bench as Kyle Harrison, and Team STX - RPM Athlete Performance Founder Malcolm Chase grew the game in California and the Pacific Northwest as part of ADVNC Lacrosse's coaching staff.

In this clip, Malcolm breaks down an incredible workout combining footwork, strength, and balance, all while improving core and leg stability - vital for an LSM or Defender.

Equipment? Steps, BOSU & Weight Plate.

Routine? Just watch:

First, Malcolm incorporates a simple step-platform, alternating angles while jumping to the BALLS of his feet. This portion of the routine builds calf strength while while improving responsiveness in fast-twitch, supporting muscles in the lower leg.

Next - for balance and stabilization, Malcolm continues into a BOSU-Squat while holding a plate close to the chest. During the squat, he extends the arms outward from his chest, building strength through instability throughout his arms, core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and supporting muscles.

In other words, he adds instability to teach his body how to correct itself in unknown positions.

As a long-pole, this exercise is an advanced way to train yourself to check, recover, and effectively contain an attacker.

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