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Performance is personal.


While you may have many resources to manage your performance in everyday life, when you’re fully immersed in competition, in-game, you don’t have anyone to guide you but yourself… Your inner coach – the innate part of yourself that knows how to help you perform best in any moment.


We all know what it’s like to perform below your best of off our game – which is the reason we’ve created Project Tilt.


Being tilted or on-tilt is more than frustration – it’s being off-balance with our best capabilities.


Training, like performance, is personal. We want to understand how to train as if there is a universal “right” or “wrong” way for everyone, a straight line or formula that doesn’t exist.


In this virtual 6-week course, you’ll learn how to work with your own tilt, discover your personal meta for performance, and develop your relationship with your inner coach towards optimal training and performance.


When we think of training and performance, we often focus on the technical, tactical, and mechanical aspects of gaming – in essence – the skill component alone. Most analyze gameplay with a microscope in the false hope that improving this one aspect will result in complete performance improvements.


While skill is an important aspect of performance – it’s only one aspect. At RPM Athlete Performance, we have a holistic and integrated approach to overall performance: Integrated Performance Training (IPT).


In this virtual 6-week course, you’ll learn to take an expansive view of your training, one focused around RPM’s 5 Pillars of Performance: Mind, Body, Skill, Nutrition, and Recovery.


The path to becoming a more complete gamer involves examining all aspects of your training and understanding how each influences all others.


This course brings together the best of RPM’s work with elite athletes at all levels and personalizes it to

esports through the integration of technology, resources, experiential activities, a team of

subject matter experts, and virtual group calls.


Do you have the ability to examine your daily habits, examine your personal discipline, ask harder questions of yourself, and set a lifelong template for growth and performance? This is the program for you.